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EARLY VOTING: February 20th - March 1st

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My name is Joe Marr Wilson. More than three decades ago, I started my career in Amarillo as a trial lawyer with a burning desire to help my fellow citizens obtain justice. Over 6,500 clients later, my desire has not dwindled and continues to be the guiding force behind my run for office.


District Courts in the Texas Panhandle hear almost exclusively family and criminal cases. As one of only thirteen attorneys in the entire State of Texas board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both family and criminal law, I can bring far more experience as well as a unique perspective to the bench. I also practice civil, real estate and probate law and have an in-depth understanding of all areas of the law.


I have spent my entire career in the courtroom trying the exact types of cases heard by the Judge of the District Court. Any day that I am not in a courtroom somewhere in the area is the exception rather than the rule. I have an expert grasp of the legal and practical considerations involved in presiding over this court along with a temperament that will inspire confidence in the decisions I make. I know firsthand what it takes to be the Judge of a District Court and due to my vast experience, I would be able to hit the ground running. I will take the bench prepared to do the job.




         ATTORNEY ENDORSEMENTS                                        INDIVIDUAL ENDORSEMENTS

Dee Miller

Tom Riney

Tod Mayfield

Tom Farris

Wade Arnold

Mark White

Roger Cox

Chris Parker

Cindi Barela Graham

Joe Lovell

Cade Hales

Bailey Sapien

Ryan Turman

Santiago Balderrama

Cody Pirtle

Phillip Carter

Adam Reed

Joe Batson

Jami Watson

Adam Tisdale

Dean Roper

Ryan Brown

Dean Boyd

Lendon Ray

Lizzie Bunker

Jason Howell

Josh Seabourn

Whitney Hill

Misty Walker

Bryan Denham

Hillary Netardus

Qlo Crum

Stewart Werner

Greta Crofford

Kyle Lewis

Oth Miller

Channy Wood

Ed McConnell

Matt Sherwood

Jamie Vandivere

Brian Heinrich

Ruben Hancock

Susan Cox

Scott Sherwood

Joel Hogue

Bryan Johnston

Franklin McDonough

Joel Jackson

Mike Warner

Donna Christie

Vaavia Rudd

Dennis Boren

Cho Sherwood

Donna Peck

Brooks Barfield

Jeff Tormey

Lynda Smith

Mark Snider

Landon Lambert

Ethan Murphy

Alton Estrada

Dallas McKibben

Tate Eldridge

Wade Byrd

Leah Housler

Taylor Harris

Jeff McCarn

Brent Huckabay

Rick Harris

Vance Reed     

Judy Whiteley

Ed Attebury

Dr. Steven Schneider

Drs. Stephen & Lynn Jennings

Dr. Beverly Lewis

Dr. Jodi Wilson

Troy D. Timmons, M.Ed.

Carley & Garry Snider

Phil & Nancy Woodall

LuAnn Taylor

Dr. Josh North

Gary & Debbie Johnson

Rick & Trudie Gordon

Dr. Naeem Kahn

Karen Peddy

Scot Pike

Gary & Sheila Barker

Ricky Boothe

Brent & Mary Bralley

Cody Ellyson

David & Kim Beezley

Joe Rittenhouse

Doug & Kelli Jo Poyner

Derek & Brittany Cotgreave

Kindra Ivey

Clay and Tera Gerber

Jody and Lea Ann Wood

Tom Pauken

Kentt & Nancy Billups

Danny Richburg

Dr. Susan Neese

Peggy Brandon

Dr. Christopher Mohr

George & Marci Abrahamson

Anne & Brandon Carpenter

Sherry McKean

Doug & Gail Bingham

Houston & Jessica Gass

Terry & Hannah Hobbs

Jo Carter

Dr. David & Alice Thetford

Ray & Liz Sharp

Jeff & Julie Barber

Rick & Trish Collins

Rick & Denise Matchett

Wendy Smith

Raymond & Maria Fajardo

Vicki & Marc Brooks

Jay & Maureen Childress

Colleen Dryden

Greg Dement

Newton & Jennifer Layman

Richard Hall

Robyn & Kenny Womack


Mark Snider

    84th District Attorney

Josh Seabourn
    Gray County Attorney

Landon Lambert

    Donley County Attorney

Franklin McDonough

    District Attorney - 31st & 223rd District Courts

Scott Sherwood

    Carson County Attorney

Whitney Hill
    Dallam County Attorney



Misty Walker

    Former Wheeler County Attorney

Ethan Murphy

   Former 47th Asst. District Attorney

Phillip Carter

    Former Asst. Potter County Attorney

Adam Reed

    Former 84th Asst. District Attorney

Jason Howell

    Former 47th Asst. District Attorney

Bryan Denham

    Former 69th Asst. District Attorney

Alton Estrada

    Former 47th Asst. District Attorney

Dallas McKibben

    Former Asst. Potter County Attorney

Hillary Netardus

    Former Randall County Asst. District Attorney     

    Former 47th Asst. District Attorney

    Former Wichita County Asst. District Attorney


Potter County Law Enforcement Association-Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #57

Chanze Fowler
    Hartley County Sheriff

Jerry Jackson

    Corporal - Amarillo Police Department

Steve White

    Captain - Potter County Sheriff's Office

Shane Stevenson

    Dallam County Sheriff

Houston Gass

    Former Deputy -  Gray County Sheriff's Office

    Former Deputy - Jack County Sheriff's Office

    Officer - Jacksboro Police Department

Steve Langwell

    Officer - Amarillo College Police Department

    Former Bailiff - 320th District Court

    Former Deputy - Randall County Sheriff's Office

    Former Deputy - Childress County Sheriff's Office

    Former Officer - Childress Police Department


Martin Hood
    Retired Texas Ranger
Mike Dunlap

    Retired Sergeant - Amarillo Police Department

Rudy Montano

    Retired Homicide Investigator

    Amarillo Police Department Special Crimes Unit

Bruce Evans
    Retired Deputy - Randall County Sheriff’s Office

Tim Williams

    Retired Sergeant - SWAT - Amarillo Police Department

    Retired Lieutenant - Randall County Sheriff's Office

Terry Lichtie

    Retired Lieutenant - Amarillo Police Department

Manchie Light

     Retired Bicycle Officer - Las Vegas Police Department

     Retired Deputy - Randall County Sheriff's Office and

     Potter County Sheriff's Office


Bart Bivens
    Retired Texas Ranger

Sherrie Montano
    Retired Sergeant - Amarillo Police Department

Larry Barlow

    Retired Sergeant - Amarillo Police Department

    Retired Investigator - Randall County DA’s Office

Franky Scott

    Retired Hartley County Sheriff

Brad Parker

    Retired Sergeant - Texas Department of Public Safety

Darrell Dewey

     Retired Officer - Amarillo Police Department

      Retired Investigator-47th & Randall County DA's Office




Jeanette Angel

Kelly Angel

Jeff & Julie Barber

Brooks & Jonna Barfield

Kentt & Nancy Billups

Bart & Lenee Bivens

Larry & Ann Boyer

David Brandon

Joe Brandon

Peggy Brandon

Brad & Anne Carpenter

Rick & Trish Collins

Carol Ann Colquitt

Derek & Brittany Cotgreave

Darrell & Janet Dewey

Colleen Dryden

Stephen Dunlap

Jay Eliciero

Donny & Susan Elkins

Elvis Errington

Jess Evers

Brian Farabough

Tad Fowler

Greg Freeman

Renee Garner

Doug Garrett

Houston & Jessica Gass

Crockett Gillmore

Brenda Gouge

Karen Peddy Guerra








Cade Hales

Ruben & Mary Hancock

Greg & Brenda Hendricks

Martin & Stacee Hood

Larry & Linda Horwedel

Pam Hotchkiss

Leah Housler

Brent Huckabay

Kevin Isern

Kindra Ivey

Joel & Cindy Jackson

Drs. Steve & Lynn Jennings

Gary & Debbie Johnson

Bryan & Allison Johnston

Jarrett Johnston

Landon Lambert

Newton & Jennifer Layman

Dr. Beverly Lewis

Kyle & Nancy Lewis

Joe & Patricia Lovell

John Lovell

Debra Lucio
Kayla Mariscal

Bridget Meyer
Zane & Taylor Meyer

Gus McRea

Jim Morris

Robyn Nance

John & Anita Neal

Dr. Susan Neese
Kenneth Netardus






Dr. Josh North

Rusman Pjetrovic

Doug & Kelly Jo Poyner

Donald & Melissa Prichard

Lendon & Gena Ray

Danny Richburg

Weston Richburg

Joseph Rittenhouse

Dean & Carmen Roper

Dr. Steve Schneider

Ray & Elizabeth Sharp

Becky Sanders Simms

Wendy Smith

Dr. Ryan Batson Smithee

Garry & Carley Snider

John & Christie Spring

Dusty Stockard

Dr. David and Alice Thetford

Troy Timmons

Trine & Missy Villarreal

Mike & Kimberly Warner

Chris Weber

Tex & Terri Welch

James & Judy Whiteley

Dr. Jodi Wilson

Marvin & Jolinda Wilson

Robyn & Kenny Womack

Jeff & Sandra Young

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